Group Philosophy

PACKWELL INC. shares the purpose of our company among our group.
We are committed to our employers as well as to our customers to realize a continuous improvement by creating value and innovating with integrity.
We strive for the social and the company's wellness by providing a safe and healthy environment.

HR values

"Respect for the beginning and end"

Meaning to work things through, from the beginning to the end, without giving up halfway.

Packwell has supported the global packaging industry as one of the major paper manufacturing & processing company in Japan.

Packages shifts every day as we speak, in its materials and in its methods manufacturing. Under such circumstances, we are committed to the innovation of the industry to meet the needs of the customers, providing our products and services as a specialist in the industry with guarantee of our overall performance.

As a member of this society, we cherish what is best for our customers and for the company, and seek to improve daily. We hope that everyone who applies for Packwell will share these values.


Director of Product Management 本山 創八

本山 創八

Director of Product Management


坂巻 暁典


Manufacturing MAKOTO KIRA

吉樂 誠


Manufacturing YUMI NAGAI

永井 優美